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We all know that awesome feeling when we hear the words “You’ve got the job!” a new and exciting chapter of your life is about to begin, but it is always good to remember not to get ahead of yourself.

Until the contract is signed sealed and delivered the job is not 100% yours. Up to this moment, things are still uncertain and if your new employer has reason to question you or your personality, the offer could be retracted, meaning the job-hunting starts all over again!

Don’t risk letting a new job get away, check out these 5 common mistakes people make once they’ve been given a job offer:

1.) Be Careful Of Your Online Presence:
In this day and age it is VERY easy to find out more about a person with the means of LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram. Think twice before posting that controversial photo from your wild Saturday night. Remember you can come across as a different person in the digital world. Your new employer may just get a bad first impression and retract your offer!
2.) Was your CV Entirely True?
Some job seekers tend to stretch the truth in their CV’s. You might get away with this for now, but a simple reference check can leave you looking rather red faced. Also remember, your employer will be expecting things from you that you may not be able to do. Honesty is always the best policy when applying for new employment.

3.) Are You Thinking Too Highly Of Yourself?
When it comes to your remuneration package, if you are asking for too much from the get go and threaten to not take the position, don’t be surprised when they let you walk away. If you think you are worth a lot more than you are being offered, it may be the case, or it may be that you need to work your way up to that calibre once you’ve been in the position. While assertiveness and confidence are important traits, remember to keep things in perspective.

4.) You Are An Inexperienced Negotiator:
It is always good to know where you stand when it comes to your position. Check out similar positions online and check that you are asking for the right amount of money. Even if you have a specific set of skills which are highly sought after, proposing an unrealistic starting salary often offends and annoys employers.

5.) You Are Saying The Wrong Things At The Wrong Time:
If you are suddenly asking for more things after a discussion has been had, don’t be surprised when your employer becomes frustrated. Pushing for extra benefits after a prior agreement will make you look like you are not as committed and they may start to doubt your seriousness.

Remember, just because you aced an interview, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed the job, put in the hard yard, do your best to impress and once you’ve signed on the dotted line, walk into that job and show them the shining star you are!

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