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Have you got a job interview coming up? Are you in need of some top tips? Never fear, Kendrick Recruitment are here to bring you our 10 best job interview techniques.

1. Always Research Your Potential Employer

Knowing who your potential new employer is can be vital to the success of your interview. Take the time to understand the employer and the establishment you are going to.

2. Dress Appropriately

Remember, first impressions are everything. It is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Make sure you look professional and well presented.

3. Give yourself enough time to get to your interview

Aim to get to your interview at least 15 minutes before. This gives you time to find your way to the location, collect your thoughts and feel prepared. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to observe the dynamics and atmosphere of the establishment.

4. Make A Good First Impression

When you meet the interviewer be warm and polite. If you’ve followed our 2nd and 3rd tip, you are well on your way to impressing. Don’t forget to smile and have a firm handshake!

5. Be Focused and Positive

The key to a successful interview is your responses. Be positive at all times and focus on showcasing your skills. No matter how hard you’re a baited never bad mouth a previous employer or company. This could be detrimental to your interview.

6. Body Language Is Vital

Keep eye contact and be actively listening to your interviewer. Do not slouch, chew gum or mumble. Be confident and believe in yourself.

7. Ask Questions

Always ask questions. If you have done your research on the establishment or employer then you should have lots! The smart job seeker thinks about questions to ask BEFORE the interview.

8. Sell yourself

This is your moment to stand out from the crowd. Sell yourself, emphasise on previous experience and qualifications. You have a short space of time to make your mark.

9. Be courteous

As the interview draws to a close, remember to thank your interviewer. A firm handshake to round things off is a must, this opportunity might never come around again, remember to be grateful.

10. Follow up

Whether you are using a recruitment agency like Kendrick Recruitment or going direct for an interview, following up is key. Make sure you send an email within 48 hours of your interview.

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